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Appeals take matters to a whole new level. New rules. New format. New court. Appeals demand a lot of resources, including in-depth legal research and analysis, extensive and persuasive briefing, and thorough oral argument preparations. For many firms and attorneys, their resources are more effectively allocated to other matters and tasks.

At Tanner & Tanner Law, LLC, our experience and legal training allow us to offer a range of services to help firms and attorneys with upcoming appeals. From significant involvement–including research, writing and oral arguments–to less assistance–such as providing consulting services for case strategy or final revisions to briefs–we can help practitioners approach appeals with confidence.

Utah Supreme Court


Family Law Matter

Termination of parental rights matter involving state and federal due process and equal protection claims. Constitutionality of Utah statute was also challenged. Brief required extensive research of historical context of ratification of the Utah Constitution. We handled the legal research, drafting of brief, and oral arguments before the Utah Supreme Court.

Administrative Decision

Land Use Appeal

Property owners sought protection of nonconforming use rights. In preparing an appellate brief for the county land use hearing officer, our work included researching precedential and persuasive case law, analyzing state and county statutes and land use ordinances (past and present), gathering historical documents via a GRAMA request, and reviewing and applying advisory opinions from the Utah Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman.

Utah Court of Appeals


Medical Malpractice Suit

Our service consisted of assisting a local firm put the finishing touches on its substantially completed appellate brief.




Tulsa Law School ’86
20+ years of experience practicing law in Utah
Harvard Law School ’12

Practiced in New York, licensed in Utah and New York

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